Ideas on Getting Community Service Hours

Are you in a club that requires you to get a certain number of volunteer hours? Are you trying to find a way to make the most of your time during the break? If so, here are eight ways that you can help your community!


  • Going to your local food bank

Donating to your local food bank could help so many people in need, especially around this holiday season! You can do anything from donating your time, money, or food. You can drop off canned foods, write a check made out to the food bank you are helping with, or volunteer to sort food.


  • Volunteering at a retirement home

As people grow old, some move into either assisted or independent retirement homes. One of the downsides of such transition, though, is decreased personal connection. When they get the chance to interact with teens, it can really make their day. They love hearing stories and learning about what we do at school or in our free time. Whether you like talking, playing games, or even going on a walk, volunteering at a retirement community can brighten up someone’s day and make you feel good inside, too.


  • Donating clothes

If you were to take a look inside your closet right now, you would find at least a few articles of clothing you don’t wear anymore. Instead of letting them take up room and collect dust, donate them to a Goodwill so that someone in need of clothes can fall in love with them.


  • Helping at a YMCA after-school care

If you love babysitting or spending time with kids and are looking for a way to help out the community, then you should think about helping out at your local YMCA after school care for children. You will get the chance to play games with them and help them out with homework.  There, special relationships will form with the kids, and they will look forward to seeing you after school. There is something so touching when a little one comes in and gives you a big hug because they are happy to see you.


  • Tutoring

Are you really advanced in any of your classes and think that you could help people up their grade? Well, tutoring is not only a great way to help your community, but with the club NHS here at Apex, it can get you many hours.


  • Cleaning up local parks

With all of the pollution and littering these days, our local parks and roads are getting dirty. They’re not as enjoyable to be at and no longer the perfect spot for family photos. It means so much to people when teens take the time to get a bag and spend a little while cleaning it up. This is something anyone can do to make an impact in their community this holiday season.


  • Volunteering at events

There are many churches and organizations that love putting on events that help the community but sometimes can struggle to find volunteers. Anyone can volunteer because there are so many different jobs to sign up for. You can do anything from checking people in, setting up, cleaning up, organizing activities, and so much more. Not only does it feel good to help out, but it can also be a ton of fun!


  • Completing Small Tasks for your neighbors

Many of us have neighbors that are getting to that age to where they can’t do certain things around there house or yard. A great way to help someone in need during the holiday is to simply ask what they need to be done. It can be anywhere from trimming the hedges or cutting the grass to doing some dishes or dusting their mantle. It gives them so much joy knowing that someone cares and is willing to help.


All in all, anything you do to help out in your community will make a lasting impact on the world around you. So, what will you do this holiday season?

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