Meet Mrs. Alvord, our newest physics teacher

We have had many teachers join Apex High as we have transitioned back to Laura Duncan. I had the pleasure of talking to Mrs. Alvord, our new physics teacher. She is excited to be in Apex and is very passionate about what she teaches.

Q. What is your name?

A. My name is Mrs. Alvord.

Q. What degrees do you hold?

A. I went to N.C. State, and I have two degrees. One is in science education, and the other degree is in physics.

Q. This is your first year at Apex. What do you think of it so far?

A.So far, everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. It’s just a really happy place to be, and I have really enjoyed moving here.

Q. Of all the classes, why did you choose physics?

A. Oh goodness. I was not good at all at Physics while I was in high school, but I found it to be a challenge that I enjoyed. I sort of just stuck with it, and the more that I stuck with it, the better I got at it. It is hard the first time. Since then, I have really enjoyed teaching physics.

Q. What other jobs did you have before coming to Apex High School?

A. I actually taught at another high school for five years before moving here. I have also been a counselor for summer camps, such as science camps and soccer camp. I have always been working around children.

Q. If you weren’t teaching, what would you be doing?

A. I would actually probably be a computer programmer. I love computers and technology. There are just so many cool things you can do now with computer programming.

Q. What was your most memorable moment as a teacher?

A. Oh gosh. In my third year of teaching, I got asked a really tough question from a student. We were talking about light and how it can travel through the vacuum of space while no other waves can do that. The question they asked was just so beyond the content of the undergraduate degree that I had at the time. I went to all the physics professors I knew to try to answer the student’s question. That just showed that we still have these big questions about physics that we are trying to figure out. It’s really awesome when students tap into that. It’s cool to know that physics is not an old science. It is still very modern.

Q. What advice would you give to your students?

A. Try it. Don’t ignore physics, and don’t say it is hard until you have tried it. It will be difficult, but it is doable. I believe that anyone can learn physics.

Q. What do your students think of you?

A. They would probably say that I am a tough teacher because I have high expectations, but I do care for them and I want them to be successful. At the end of the day, if they don’t love physics, I hope that they at least appreciate it.

Mrs. Alvord is a great teacher and one of the newest members of the PEAK family. Let’s welcome her with open arms and show her what it truly means to be an Apex High Cougar!

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