Peak City Dodgeball Recap

Every year for the past three years, students have gathered together for a rather fascinating event, one full of joy and laughter, as well has anger and heartbreak. This said event is known to break apart many friendships as there is no such thing as love on the court. This event is the Peak City Dodgeball Tournament!

Twelve unique and ready-to-play teams took part in our Peak City Dodgeball Tournament on the night of March 27, 2019. The teams were entered into a double-elimination style tournament, meaning if a team were to lose two games, they would be eliminated from the tournament. Each game consisted of two teams, battling their hearts out for seven minutes at a time, fighting to get one step closer to the championship title. After almost an hour and a half of intense dodging, only two teams were left standing; The Dodgefathers and The Family. As mentioned before, this tournament was played with double-elimination circumstances, which created an interesting issue for The Family. The Dodgefathers had made it to the finals without taking a single loss while The Family have already lost one game. This means The Family must defeat The Dodgefathers two times in a row without losing, giving them a huge disadvantage in the game. While The Family was able to survive the first round by defeating The Dodgefathers, The Dodgefathers came back and eliminated The Family in the second round to be crowned the 2019 Peak City Dodgeball Champions!

Although this year’s tournament was slightly smaller than the one that was held last year, the tournament was, without doubt, a fun, exciting experience. With Dr. Kearney as one of our event announcers, along with the administrative staff forming a team in the tournament, the Peak City Dodgeball tournament was a very lively event, full of entertainment and amusement. Anyone who has not experienced the thrill of Peak City Dodgeball and will still be a student at Apex High in the upcoming years should highly consider taking part of this exhilarating occasion. You will not regret it.

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