Meet Mr. Weidle! — New Teacher Interview


Mr. Weidle is a new teacher at Apex High School, and we took a few minutes to ask about his background, what brought him to our school, and what he has in mind for his new students.

Q: Are you married and do you have a family?

A: I am married. I have three kids and four grandkids.

Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born and raised in Lakewood, Ohio. It was a typical northern, small, blue collar town. My wife is from the South and doesn’t like the cold, but I like the weather because I like skiing.

Q: Where did you go to school?

A: I went to Lakewood High school, my hometown high school. It was a fairly large school, about three-thousand students. My graduating class was around eight-hundred people, and I remember going to graduation and seeing kids walk the stage I swear I have never seen before, so it was pretty big.

Q: How long have you been at Apex High?

A: I just started this second semester, so about four weeks.

Q: How do you feel about Apex High?

A: I think it’s a good school. My interactions initially are with the administration, and they are very supportive and trying to help. I think they are working hard to build a positive environment. I think the students are great. Some struggle more than others to focus, but that was true for me when I was in school, too. Also ninety minutes is a long time to stay focused on one topic, so I feel for you guys having those long class periods.

Q: How do you think your students feel about you as their teacher?

A: I try really hard to connect with them. I got one students to finally talk to me today, and he was felt he was in a hopeless situation, so I tried to encourage him that it’s still worth trying and to do the best you can. At the end he thanked me for talking to him like an adult versus like a kid.

Q: What other subjects do you teach?

A: I teach two classes. One is the Math I class, and the other is introduction to Math, so I am teaching those introductory levels to the freshmen and sophomores.

Q: If you were not a teacher what job would you pursue?

A: I was an engineer for thirty-five years, but I feel like teaching was a calling from God. I have put it off for many years, but all of my kids are out of the house, so I have no more excuses. Being a teacher has been very challenging. Definitely a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

Q: What do you think is more challenging, engineering or teaching?

A: Teaching because I can learn engineering by myself. Teaching involves trying to convince a classroom of students to give their all and to achieve. There are a lot more variables that I can not control. For example, how do you motivate someone who doesn’t want to do something? It’s hard right? But, I want to do it and I want them to do well. For me it’s difficult in a different way. It would be much easier to solve a complex equation

Q: Finally what advice would you give your students to set them up for success?

A: Firstly, I would say believe in yourself. I don’t think I have met a student, yet, who thinks highly enough of themselves. I think all students are capable of doing much more than they think they can do. Lastly I would say be fearless. I tell my kids all the time, it’s ok to make mistakes. Mistakes are the doorway to learning. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and just go out there, apply yourself, and follow your dreams.

Our new teacher Mr. Weidle is a very inspiring teacher, and we thank him for taking the time to allow us to interview him! We hope that everyone who is selected to be in his class enjoys him as much as we did!

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