The New Ten Ten Road Design

The town of Apex is planning a $54 million project to transform Ten Ten Road from four lanes to six. Residents of Apex are in dismay about the idea. The state of North Carolina is wanting to widen a three-mile stretch of Ten Ten Road, from Apex Peakway to Kildaire Farm Road. Around 30,000 cars/day travel on Ten Ten through US-1. Traffic on the road is predicted to rise to 38,000 cars/day by 2040, which has precipitated this change in road width. NCDOT says the change on Ten Ten will help keep drivers safe.


In order to make this alteration happen, the state needs to purchase six businesses and seventeen houses. Knights Play Golf center will also have to redesign a part of their golf course, shortening or moving holes. North Carolina is expected to start buying houses and businesses in 2020, and the expanding of the road is going to begin in 2023.


The expanding of the roads is affecting homeowners. The expansion of the road will disturb homeowner Joe Curcuru who says it is “crazy” and he is “dumbfounded”. After the construction, the road will eventually end up right near his porch steps. Property owners are worried their property will never be able to sell because of the additional lanes on Ten Ten Road. Are these new roads going to turn out to be a disadvantage instead of a benefit?


Some students who go to Apex High School live around or on Ten Ten Road. Will the construction on the road affect students going to and from school? Could it increase the length of time they have to travel? The Town of Apex has stated that when the construction is finished, it will be easier for students to get back home from school. But, how easy will it be when the construction is going on? A lot of construction is going on around Green Level High School, the temporary school for Apex students, and that does make driving more difficult due to increased traffic. When the current Apex students leave Green Level High to go back to the newly remodeled Apex High School, will the changes to Ten Ten Road even be an issue for them.

So, are you for or against, this remodeling of Ten Ten Road? Will the remodeling affect the way you get to school, or will you have graduated by the time the construction starts?

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