Apex High School Women’s Tennis Team is Undefeated this Season!

The Apex Cougars women’s tennis team—despite only ever getting minimal recognition among students and the occasional morning announcement that nobody really listens to—has been absolutely dominating the competition in the North Carolina area.

In fact, they have been dominating so much that at the recent Southwestern 4A conference, they went 12-0, beating out schools like Panther Creek, the fake Ape—I mean Friendship, and Cary. The team is currently sitting at an impressive undefeated 14-0 overall with many amazing athletes. One such athlete, junior Alyssa Hall, is ecstatic about their winning streak, and told a Legacy journalist,“It feels really great! Our team is really good, and they’re good in the sense that we can be mixed up but still win. We really work as a team, and we’ll miss our seniors; they help make winning possible”. The journalist also asked her if there is anything she wants students to know about the tennis team or tennis overall, and she wants students to know that “tennis is a lot harder than people think it is. It’s a hard sport to learn, but it’s really fun. I think that the nature of the matches is hard because of their structure; you have to win a lot of rounds to win the actual game. Except for Friendship, we won every match in the game. We also beat Panther Creek who are notorious for being really good.”

Hall and her team have been performing very well, Gabriella Cicin is currently playing one singles match, is 11-1, and won the individual SWAC conference singles title this season. Cicin alongside Apex High School tennis athletes Reilly Murphy, Camille Battle, Alyssa Hall, Kylie Griep, and Erica Hwang, have all qualified for the regional tournament taking place on October 19-20 at Athens Drive High School.

Good luck to our Cougars for this upcoming tournament as well as the rest of their tennis careers!

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