The Best Trends of 2018

There have been some pretty awful trends only five months into 2018, like people eating a certain detergent company’s product, but today I will show you some of the best ones! I am very passionate about internet culture and would call myself an expert on popular trends.

  1. Dabbing/whipping. Yes, I know, these are technically trends from a couple years ago but they are still relevant, and honestly, they look really lit and are a lot of fun to do, especially when listening to some fire beats.
  2. Yodeling Boy. Honestly, this was probably the best meme/trend of the year because not only was it a cute video, but it sounded really good no matter how many times you played it.
  3. Snapchat/Instagram filters. My lord and saviour, Snapchat filters. Everybody loves these filters, whether it be making your voice high pitched or putting on a silly dog filter. Most people really love using them and seeing them on other people’s stories.
  4. Jake/Logan Paul. Although being these people is not a trend, they are two amazing YouTubers who have brought nothing but positivity and laughs to the platform. Not only that, but they make some fire merch for their fans. However, Logan Paul did use a Taser on a dead rat, something very inappropriate and wrong, but despite this instance, he has been a good influence on kids in this generation. Plus, we all make mistakes right?
  5. Playing Fortnite/posting pictures of Fortnite. Fortnite is a really enjoyable game. Epic Games took two ideas: building and a last-man standing scenario (like The Hunger Games), and created something new and beautiful. The feeling of winning a game on Fortnite is amazing because that means you managed to beat out ninety-nine other players, something anyone should be proud of. Whenever my friends post pictures of their wins in the game, I understand because it is a great feeling that needs to be shared, even with people who do not understand it at all.
  6. Lil Pump/modern rappers. Lil Pump may not be a poet but he does make really fire music that has some pretty powerful messages. Many other modern rappers talk about doing drugs but other than that, they have very emotional messages behind their music like love and betrayal.
  7. Saying “I’m screaming” or “dead”. When someone sends you something hilarious saying “I’m dead” or “I’m screaming” is a great way to show the person that you think what they sent you was really funny. Instead of being “weird” and typing out “hahahahahaha” or saying something many students would consider  cringeworthy like “lol” or even typing out a logical response, you can now respond with a phrase that is a small exaggeration but still makes sense.
  8. Finstas. Again, not a recent trend but it has seen major exposure of the last year. Finstas are “fake” for “fun” secondary Instagram accounts that seem like a diary for most people. These accounts usually contain some rants and emotional things the person is going through, allowing for them to not have to talk to their friends about their emotions in person and instead, put out long rants that are (usually) very wise and offer good advice for their peers.

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