WCPSS Alum Wins the Players Stadium Course

This past weekend, a WCPSS Alumni and former resident of the City of Oaks won the Players Stadium course at The Players Championship Sawgrass. James Frederick Webb Simpson, a successful alumni of Broughton High School and Wake Forest University clenched first place, eighteen under par. The once Raleigh native now resides in Charlotte, NC. Webb Simpson went professional in 2008 and won the U.S Open in 2012. The Players Stadium Course win is a huge accomplishment for Simpson, considering the notoriety of the course. Simpson putted for eighteen under, to clench his victory.

The course was originally built in 1982 to be the permanent home of the Championship and was designed by Pete Dye. The idea behind the course was to create a more involved fan experience. It is considered one of the best Golf Courses in the world, ranking at second best course to play in Florida, and twelfth at best public course to play at in the world. If you thought I was finished, it even gets the fifty-first place for best course to play in the world. All of the ratings are out of one hundred, and these ratings come from Golf Digest. Going back to Mr. Simpson, he is considered one of the best players in the world. What is more impressive about his tournament win against other very skilled competitors? One competitor that is considered to be the best in the world is Tiger Woods. With fourteen total major men’s championship wins, Tiger Woods only placed eleventh in the tournament, and putted for eleven under. In comparison, Simpson putted for eighteen under, and placed one over in round four. This win already adds to his successful career, and puts him to be one of the best golfers in the world, with a ranking of twentieth in the Professional Golf Association tour.

We are thrilled to see a WCPSS alumni move on to do great things. Webb Simpson is an example of the many great things that students all throughout Wake County have gone on to complete, and shows the success of our youth in Wake County.

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