Apex High School Travels to France

Apex High School has a lot of great programs to offer, and opportunities for students to take advantage of. Over this past spring break, Apex High School has students traveling all around the world. I had the opportunity to talk to Doug Martin, a Junior and French II student about his experience in France this past break.

Q: What was traveling to France like?

A: From the moment we landed, I was in a constant state of shock. France is wildly different; even the air smells different! From the moment we walked down the stairs of the plane and across the tarmac the differences where obvious. When I was getting on the bus from the terminal, I noticed all the cars were wildly different and much smaller, but when we walked into the airport itself is when it got different. French people were screaming and talking in French, and that is the moment it struck me I was literally on the other side of the world! Thankfully I could read most things but listening to people was completely different. They talk so fast, I was totally lost for the first three days or so. I did not really talk to anyone, but then I fell into the flow of things, and it got a lot easier.

Q: What are typical French families like?

A: A French family is a lot like an American Family but with a few big differences. French families are a lot more relaxed, and they come together around the dinner table every night (at least mine did.) They do things together more than not. They come together to laugh, or to watch television, to play games, and they always seem to have time for each other! You can tell family is very important to the French.

Q: What attractions/sites did you see?

A: While in France, we saw lots of historical sites such as the Eiffel tower, The Palace of Versailles, the beaches of Normandy (it was super moving to walk across such a historic beach they still have things from D-day on the beach), and the Louvre. Those were some of the big ones that stand out.

Q: What stunned you the most about France?

A: A lot of things stumped me about France school were the crazy classes that are shorter but had long breaks and lunch. However, the days go on for longer; some days we left school at six or seven. The way people drive shocked me! They drive recklessly, even driving on the wrong side of the road for long periods or driving down thin alleys and buses coming within inches of each other. I was pale in the face for the first few days! Everything is very close together such as buildings built in 1700 with Gothic and medieval style right next to a building built in 2017 in a hyper modern style.

Q: Would you go again?

A: I would go again in a heartbeat! To be honest, there is so much to see that two weeks just is not enough time to see it all! I hope to go back after I graduate.

We’re so glad Doug had a great time. This is just an example of why students should take advantage of the opportunities at Apex High School.

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