Wake County’s Funding and School Issues

Wake County, N.C. – Students and parents alike complained to the Wake County school board last night regarding West Millbrook Middle School. Parents stated that the school is in need of repairs, just on the heels of Wake County announcing an appeal the county made for fifty-eight million more in funding for school nurses and counselors.

Last night, parents made it apparent they are not happy with the job Wake County has done in maintaining their schools. Parents expressed their concerns to the Wake County School Board that the smell of urine and sewage are rampant in the school. Parents also mentioned that students must shuffle around constantly within the school to learn appropriately and effectively complete classwork. The district announced they have renovation plans for the building in 2023, but parents say the school needs renovations now. Similar to the “old” Apex High School, repairs were needed with little to no action from the county.

This comes on the heels of the county requesting fifty-eight million dollars for more social workers, counselors, and psychologists. Another chunk of money will go to the downsizing of kindergarten through third grade classes as the state has required the downsize of these classes. Last year Wake County requested a forty-five million increase from the County and only received twenty-one million. If the budget addition is passed, this will be the fifth year in a row that taxes will see an increase.

It will be interesting to see the result of Wake County and their budget in May when it is voted on by the Wake County Commissioners. With exponential student growth and old schools, the county has quite a lot on their plate to address

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