Possible Changes to Ten-Ten Road & U.S Highway 64

With the new campus for Apex High School underway and Apex having explosive growth, changes to accommodate the people and places we go are needed. NCDOT have made plans to change Ten-Ten road as well as minor changes to the Apex Peakway.

It is not a secret that after Money Magazines 2015 “#1 Small town to live in” rating, Apex saw substantial growth. This once small town of Apex has exploded, and that means changes are needed. The NCDOT is looking to make some major changes to Ten-Ten road, and this could affect how you get to school. The proposed changes have some large impacts on the residential areas and the overall layout of the road. Widening the road would stretch from the Peakway to the Kildaire Farm Road. The changes would include widening the road as well as adding a concrete median to reduce turning in and out of certain complex’s or side streets.

The most surprising part about these changes is the effect on residential areas. Certain businesses and even homes could potentially be effected by these changes. In fact, parts of neighborhoods could be effected. These changes are still unknown and in the works. It will most likely be a couple years before these changes go underway if approved. Not only are these changes proposed, but even more changes to Highway 64 are also in the works. Highway 64 could see possible expansion of lanes, from a four-lane highway to possibly a six-lane highway. However – this is still in the works and could fall through. In fact, it would take until 2022 for these changes to even start.

There is a public meeting on March 1 from 4:00 to 7:00 P.M at the Summit Church off Lufkin Road, or 3000 Lufkin Road, Apex, NC.

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