Cougar of the Month: Max Goolsbey

Cougar of the Month: Max Goolsbey

Most high school students try to stay active within their school and participate in many different activities. Our Cougar of the Month, Max Goolsbey, is very active within Apex High School as well as outside the school walls. We asked Max a few questions about all his activities. Congrats on being Cougar of the Month!

Interview Questions:

Q: What was the first activity you got involved in?

A: “ I guess the first thing was band; the main thing I signed up for was marching band. The first year I played alto saxophone; now i’m drum major, so it’s a lot of fun.”

Q: What was the first instrument you played at school?

A: “My first instrument was flute, and then when I got to seventh grade there was this girl who played flute but also played alto, and she was really good at both, and I was like, I wanna be better than her, and I got really jealous. So now I play flute and alto.”

Q: How many instruments can you play?

A: “I’ve been playing piano for like ten years, flute, alto, then bassoon is my other one that I like to play. All time favorite is the flute.

Q: What activities are you involved in?

A: “ I’m in chorus, band, marching band, I’m in the Raleigh flute choir, which meets on Sundays and then, I’m also in Apex High School flute choir, which meets on Thursdays and Fridays. They’re two different groups that I lead.

Q: How do you manage school and chorus/band?

A: “I’m in four electives and take a lot of online classes to be able to fit in chorus and band into everything.”

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

A: “In ten years, hopefully I won’t be at Apex anymore, hopefully. I want to go to Ohio or Massachusetts for school, and hopefully still be in school getting  my doctorate by then.”

Wow, what a great Cougar of the Month! Congratulations to Max and remember to stay PEAK!


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