We are Apex, Not Green Level

Apex High School has changed a great deal since it was built in the 1970s on 1501 Laura Duncan Road. Students and staff have moved from building to building, school colors have changed (green, and gold, blue and gold, black and gold, we’ve had it all), and mascots have been switched from the yellow jackets to the cougars. To add to the list of changes, students and staff are breaking in the never-used-before swing space, Green Level High School, while Apex High School is being torn down and rebuilt due to the half-functioning 1970s-era hodgepodge building. Green Level High School, which is located at 7600 Roberts Road, is a ten minute drive from the old Apex building. Both high schools, Green Level and Apex, come with advantages and disadvantages unique to themselves.

The original Apex High School building was 250,000 square feet, Green Level High School totals to be 325,000 square feet. Although the square footage of the old building only took the three main buildings into account, pods buildings and trailers were added in an effort to give students more learning space. The add-ons did add space for students and teachers, but the campus layout was so spread out that getting from class to class was hard to do in six minutes, especially with other students in the way. However, the people traffic at the old Apex is uncomparable to the current. Students, more than 2,000 of them, only have four staircases to get from class to class. As you can imagine, this is not easy because of the massive amounts of people trying to get to class on time.

Green Level High School, located in west Cary, has the capacity of 2,260 students. The auditorium can fit 850 people, the gymnasium seats 2200, and the stadium seats 2500. One hundred and ten classrooms, as well as the massive media center, give students and staff an abundant amount of learning space. Another great advantage of the new school is the drop-off areas. The bus loop, the carpool line, the student parking lot, and the staff parking lot are all separated making access somewhat more sensical than last year. However, the student parking lot can be quite the problem when it comes to leaving or arriving. This is because only two entrance and one exit are offered for the ½ to ¾  of the student body. Last year, junior and senior lots were separated, meaning each had separate exits and entrances, so it wasn’t such a hassle to leave school or arrive at school. Another problem that arises with parking lots is the proximity to restaurants and student’s houses. Because Green Level is located in a fairly undeveloped area, few restaurants are anywhere close. The drive from any local establishment can be anywhere from ten to twenty minutes meaning that getting to and from anywhere requires plenty of time.

Of course, some would hands-down agree that the new Green Level High School is better because of the extra space and cleanliness, but students, on the other hand, were used to the old building and enjoyed the odd quirks that Apex had to offer. The old Apex building offered rich history and a unique layout, including the courtyard while the new school is characterless and much more cookie cutter than our original school.

Regardless of where the students and staff go, the school spirit will follow.

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