Meet new Foods teacher Ms. Butz!

Ms. Butz just moved to the Triangle area from Indiana and is teaching Foods courses here at Apex High School. Keep reading to learn how she got here.

Q: How did you become interested in FACS?

A: In high school I took the first level foods class and loved it; the teacher happened to be my neighbor back when I was way younger, so I didn’t really know her as an adult or as a teenager. That was kind of my first initial ‘eh’ you know ‘I’m new to the high school; I already know this teacher; maybe this will be at least a class I enjoy’ and I ended up loving it. Then I decided to take other classes within the Family Consumer Science umbrella, and then I took my fashion class which I made my prom dress in, and I just felt like I was doing a lot better than the average person in that class. I never, not that I didn’t excel in anything, but my brother was very athletic, my sister was very smart, and I didn’t know really know where I fell, so I kind of threw myself under the creative umbrella because after I took as many FACS classes as I could I started taking art classes. My senior year I worked with an interior designer; she had caught wind that I knew how to sew so I kind of started working with her as a little assistant, and I liked interior design. I love all areas of FACS so I didn’t want to just go into something only fashion or interior design related, so she was a huge person in influencing me to follow this career path.

Q: Where did you get your degree?

A: I’m from Indiana, so I got my degree from Ball State University. I double majored, so I have my Family Consumer Sciences Education license, and then I also could teach health. Once I got into college, I really started to love food and the chemistry behind it and nutrition as a whole, so I thought adding on that extra major made me a little bit more marketable and put me ahead of the game.

Q: Have you always wanted to be a teacher and why?

A: When I was younger, the first thing I wanted to be was a singer or something weird like that back in elementary school, and then when I got to high school I wanted to be like my mom, and my mom was a nurse so I did an internship with her. The first day that I was there they had to tell a mom that her daughter was basically going to die and that there was really nothing they could do, and I just remember tears rolling down my face. I walked out and said ‘Yep. I am definitely not emotionally going to be able to handle death and dying all the time.’ Yes, there is a lot of rewards in being a nurse, but I form attachments to people, and I wanted them not to end, and I felt like in a school setting I could attach myself to people and watch them continue to grow and develop.

Q: Do you like life in Apex/Apex High?

A: So I actually live in Raleigh, so I am just completely new to North Carolina; I moved here in June, so I’m still new to the whole Triangle area. I was drawn to Apex because I wanted a school that was very similar to my school that I was currently teaching at, and honestly the first interview I had, and granted I had no idea anything about any of these schools, my fiancée had moved here about a year ago so he had a little bit of an insight and could kind of tell me which schools to head in which directions. Honestly after my first interview with Mr. Hill and Ms. Hoskins, I thought, ‘Those are the people I want to surround myself with.’ I loved the chemistry between all of us, so my interaction with them was the real reason I wanted to come here because I felt that between all of us. But I love it so far; I have no complaints about the area, I feel that now that I live in Raleigh and I’m driving to Apex, I’m slowly getting to know the area a little bit more, which is awesome. I still have a lot to learn, I have been exploring the food scene as well, which has kind of helped me get out there a little bit more.

Q: If you weren’t teaching what would you be doing?

A: I know this isn’t necessarily falling under the career map, but I have always wanted to be a mom. My parents divorced at a young age, so my mom was never able to stay home with us, so if I wasn’t teaching, I think I would probably be staying at home and being with my future children that aren’t alive yet. Other than that, I have thought about admin positions, but I just love the classroom so much that I don’t really see myself ever wanting to leave this. Other than that there aren’t really any careers that tickle my fancy!

Q: Who is/has been your inspiration?

A: I’m gonna be cliché and say my parents. My dad, I kind of consider him, he’s in the business world which I know nothing about, but I consider him like the principal of what he does; he owns his own business, he’s just a really strong leader, and I strive to be like that and be a positive influence in people’s lives. My mom is just a very caring, compassionate, loving person (not that my dad isn’t; he is actually more than she is), but any person that I meet that works with my mom they always are like, ‘Your mom is the best nurse. Your mom is the best nurse,’ and she is constantly keeping in touch with her old patients, and I just love the relationship that she has brought to her work field.

Q: What advice would you give to any students planning on taking your class?

A: Come in with a positive attitude. The people that come in here and are just here to take the class because they think it’s gonna be an easy class are the people that I have the hardest time with. I’m pretty obnoxious and outgoing so I would hope that that, and it usually does, at least motivates students to be pretty lively in my class. I think there’s a big stigma behind the foods classes that they’re just gonna make cakes, cupcakes, and all this baking stuff, but I really, really, really am passionate about nutrition, so I try to make my recipes with that in mind, so that would be my advice, and to have fun, once we get into the kitchen my kids love what we make.

Q: What is your favorite thing about teaching foods?

A: I think that there is this sense of accomplishment when people make something that they are used to coming in contact with every day, and I love when students are just proud on something that they’ve worked so hard on. Even if it’s scrambling eggs and bacon, I love when students are taking pictures and posting stuff all over social media because to me it says that they’re proud, and I think it’s a little bit different than some of the other classes. It’s a little different than getting an A on a test that you studied for. It’s something tangible and something that people usually take home and want to make for their families, and I love when students come back and they’re like, “Oh my gosh, Ms. Butz, my parents loved this recipe that we made at home,” and that makes me feel really special when my students take what we learn at school and actually do stuff at home with it.


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