Alyssa Hansen: The Volleyball Player Everyone Wants to Become

Alyssa Hansen is a senior on the varsity volleyball team. She has been on varsity since her freshman year and has been a captain since she was a sophomore. She was recently put on the Under Armour Watch List, which is a list of the best seniors from all around the country. If one of the twelve selected from the east, she will get the chance to play against some of the greatest high school players across the country in Kansas City.

As a senior captain on varsity, she has a lot of responsibility on the team. As a captain, she needs to get the team excited before a game, making sure everyone is in the right place and listening to what the coach says. Hansen says that it is a big role, but she loves it. Hansen is glad she has been a captain for the past three years. She plays as a right side and an outside hitter. Both have similar jobs, hitting, blocking, and passing. The only difference is they are on different sides of the court, right and left side.

Last year, Apex welcomed a new head coach, Michael Webster. He has helped Apex become the team to beat in the SWAC conference the past two years. Hansen says, “Before this year, I didn’t really know how to pass or be a versatile player around the court. Michael really helped me with all aspects around the court; hitting, passing, blocking, everything. I’ve just become a more well-rounded player.” Last year, the record for varsity was 15-7, and it’s already looking good this year with a record of 7-4.

Through these four years on varsity, Alyssa has made a total of 533 kills, just shy of the 536 junior Maddi Rudd has made. In the past eleven games this year, Hansen has made a total of 119 kills, which sets her average at about 10.8 kills per game. If Apex is at the same pace by the end of the season this year, they are looking to win states this year. Winning states was one of the goals that varsity had this year as well as to stay a well-rounded team. They want to win games but also be good teammates at the same time. You can tell that when these girls play together, they are all on the same page the whole time, which is essential for the sport. It is important to Hansen and the whole team that they put their friendship before a trophy.

Every athlete has an inspiration on their team. For Hansen, hers is sophomore Belle Schall. Hansen says, “Belle is just always working hard, and she’s everywhere on the court. She just takes what is thrown at her, and I think she has amazing qualities that I can learn from.” Schall is a sophomore starter, and this is her first year on varsity. She excels in all areas of the sport, and like Alyssa, is one of the key players on the team.

One of the best things about playing a school sport is playing against your friends from other schools and also playing schools that are difficult to beat. When asked who her favorite team to play is, Hansen answered with, “Probably Green Hope, just because they’re our best competition and you really want to beat them.” In most sports, Green Hope always seems to dominate, but with players like Hansen, Rudd, and Schall, we are very close to taking back that spot volleyball wise.

The sport of volleyball is so much more than just skill. It involves communication, effort, and a lot of positive energy. You will never see Hansen with a long face on the floor, winning or losing. She always is confident and trusts her teammates, which also makes them feel better about themselves and helps them play better. What makes Hansen such a great player is that she combines her physical skill with her intangible skill. She has the discipline to watch her technique but is also scrappy enough to never let the ball touch the ground.

As shown many times through this article, Alyssa Hansen is a remarkable player. She is so caring on and off the court. She is a great asset to the team as a player because of her high skill level and a great asset as a captain because of the amount of passion she has for the sport. She not only wants to win for personal gain but is always concerned with the well being of her team, as a magnificent captain should. Apex Peak Volleyball is fortunate to have Hansen as a player, and we wish her luck through her last season as a high school volleyball player.

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