Stormy Summer Ahead

This June the summer beach plans could be put on hold, with the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric) latest predictions on this year’s Hurricane season. The NOAA recently announced they are planning for an “above average” season, which could put a damper on all of summer’s festivities. Although putting summer plans aside, this is definitely serves as a warning for coastal cities. A potentially devastating few months could be ahead of us all as the official start date for hurricane season is June 1st, and that is right around the corner. This kind of activity should put beach goers and beach residents on alert.

This year also marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the devastating hurricane Andrew, which happens to be one of the most destructive storm s ever recorded. Reminder hurricane Andrew came during a below average season. This year should definitely raise some red flags, and serve as a prompt that one should always have a plan in case of a hurricane or tropical storm. According to Ben Friedman, the current acting NOAA administrator, this year’s hurricane season is already off on a running start.  This year they are planning on seeing anywhere from eleven to seventeen named major storms, and five to nine hurricanes this season.

Keeping that information in mind, when planning a beach trip with friends, or a getaway with family always be prepared for storms. As well knowing what the weather will be like as long as conditions of any possible growing storms/ hurricanes before you begin your drive. Stay smart and stay safe this summer, even with a possibly eventful hurricane season ahead.


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