Should Fidget Spinners be banned?

I’m sure everyone has seen at least one person spinning a little toy around school. Fidget spinners are the new “hot” toy, but should they be allowed in schools? Many school districts are starting to ban fidget spinners to keep them out of classes.

Fidget spinners are small hand held toys that are meant to help reduce stress, anxiety, and even smoking. Fidget spinners were created almost twenty years ago; however, they have now caught on with young children and teenagers. The two or three pronged toys are plastic, metal, or aluminum alloy. When a user spins the toy, the ball barring in the middle turns. Ball barrings are used on skateboards. When a rider kills the ground, the wheels on a skateboard turn because of the barring.  The majority of listings on EBay, Amazon, and other sites claim that is the purpose of these new fun toys; however, are they too much of a distraction?  The main idea is to give people something to fidget with; therefore, they won’t pen click, tap their foot, or drum on a desk. Wake, Chapel Hill, and Cumberland counties currently have no plan to ban fidget spinners or prohibit them from class. Lisa Luten of WCPSS stated that the toys are not a system wide issue. In fact, some teachers encourage the use of the spinners, and it is up to teachers to ban them if they do not want them. However, more and more teachers are labeling them as a distraction, and we could see a ban. Some teachers like them as it keeps students off their cellphones while others hate them. Spinnerlist, the largest fidget spinner list in the country contacted the two hundred largest schools in the country. Of those two hundred, one hundred were public and one hundred were private. Thirty-two percent of schools said they were banned, roughly about sixty-three schools. Of those sixty three, twenty seven are public, and thirty six are private. Those schools stated that they are banned or will be banned by the end of this week. Having a spinner myself, I purely use it for fun. However, I have used it in stressful situations. I do not think the toys should be banned. Cellphones are more of a distraction; however, they are not banned.

We will have to see if in the next few coming weeks WCPSS bans the spinners. I don’t think it would have much of an effect, considering people would still bring them to school and use them.

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