Review of new Young Adult novel ‘Between’

Elizabeth Valcher wakes up after her 18th birthday party on her parent’s yacht and finds a dead body in the water right outside of the boat. She recognizes the body and comes to the realization that she’s no longer alive. She can hear and see everything that is happening with the people alive around her, but she is completely invisible to them. As she is having trouble remembering what happened in the last hours before her death, she is joined by a friend, Alex. Alex was killed last year in a hit-and-run accident that was never solved. Together, they follow Liz’s loved ones around in an attempt to figure out if it truly was an accident that killed her or something greater. They travel back in time to flashbacks of her younger life and see that she wasn’t the good girl that everyone thought she was. While focusing on how she died, they also look to find answers about Alex’s unsolved death. Although the truth is right in front of them, it is hard for them to see and accept it.

Between by Jessica Warman is a great read for anyone who enjoys fast-paced mysteries with teenage drama weaved in. The book keeps you guessing, and it makes it very hard to put down. It explores the themes of teenage romance, eating disorders, death, and dark pasts. I highly recommend this book and would rate it a 10/10.

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