Nathan Leggett will train and play at Manchester City’s training ground

Nathan Leggett, an Apex High School freshman, will travel to Europe to train and play at Manchester City’s $350 million training ground for his third time. Peak Student Media sat down with Leggett to learn more about this once in a lifetime experience.

How long have you been playing soccer?

It all started when I was five years old. I moved here, and everybody said that I was fast and that I would be good if I played soccer. Then I went and started playing soccer, and I’ve enjoyed it to get to the point that I’m at today.

Any prior experience playing over seas?

There first I went to Italy. It was a really good experience to see the culture, the sights, and how they play there in Italy is cool. Last year, I also went to England. To see how physical they play, the different style of play, and how the kids are was just a really great experience for me. To be able to see how the professional players live– it was just excellent.

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