John Hayden’s 250th Win at Apex High School

This past Friday, March 10, John Hayden, Dean of Students and Head Coach of the Apex Cougars Men Lacrosse team won his 250th win, at Apex Friendship High School. I sat down and asked him a few questions about his experience with Lacrosse.

Q) “What did you learn about coaching from playing at Rutgers?”
A) “I learned a lot from the coaches in high school/college and players. I have also been coaching for a long time at Apex. I am still learning, but all these experiences have helped me become the coach I am today”

Q) “What would you say your biggest achievement is?”
A) “Winning state championships has always been very special. Playing is very special as well as I won a state championship when I was in high school and had success in college.”

Q)”What did you think of the 250 wins?”
A)”I wasn’t aware. It’s awesome and I look back on all my wins. 250 wins at Apex and 35 at Ravenscroft before I started the program here (at Apex).”

Coach Hayden went onto say that the 250 wins were not just him. “I didn’t do the [wins] by myself. I didn’t score goals, win faceoffs. The players do that. I’ve been very lucky to have a great assistant coaching staff who have been here a good time. We do this as a team.”

250 wins is a large milestone for Coach Hayden and a great accomplishment. We look forward to more wins at the REAL Apex High School. Congratulations Coach Hayden and we, look forward to many more wins!

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