Love It or List It with Mr. Nagel

Love It or List It is a hit T.V show on the HGTV network. On Feb. 6, nobody expected to see none other than Ken Nagel on HGTV. Ken Nagel is an AP Environmental Science teacher and a marine ecology teacher at Apex High school.

I sat down for an interview with Mr. Nagel.

What started the process to be on the show?

I had heard that the show was going to filming in the RDU area. I went online and filled out a lengthy application. I got a call back from the producers. The original call was two years ago! The first time around, we (Mark and I) didn’t like the way the show was going. We decided to drop the idea. About a year later, they called us back and asked us if we wanted to be on the show, since they had more time. We accepted.

What do you wish you had known before going on the show?

To be more specific, there were a lot of things that I didn’t want.

What was the most frustrating part?
Some of the things that were not on air. Multiple times, they ran into problems, such as incorrectly installing certain parts. Miscommunication was another problem. Because we weren’t specific, the contractor did certain things we didn’t like.

What would you have done differently?

I can’t emphasize it enough; I would have been more specific.

What was the best part of the entire experience?

Getting work done so quickly. We remodeled the kitchen and basement in two and
half months. It felt good to get work done that had been a work in progress for over six years.

Did you love it or did you list?

The show does not require you to do either. We said we were going to list it, but we have decided to stay. We are currently in the process of adding a garage.
​The episode will be airing once again on Feb. 18 at 8:00 A.M. Watch Ken and Mark as they try to find their dream house.

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