• A Living Legacy

    Written by Camille Gottholm and Connor Vandermark. Most know the story of Coach Kevin Todd. A ray of sunshine that shone on all those around him, Todd will always be

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Early Childhood Education at Apex High

Last year, Apex High School introduced a new Child Development class. Now, it introduces the course’s second level, Early Childhood Education. This is the first year that Early Childhood Education is being offered at AHS, and it comes with many new opportunities for students to learn about working with kids.  In this class, students gain a better understanding of the

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Apex Student Parking

Student parking at Apex High is getting out of hand. In the first few weeks alone, there have already been a handful of students involved in accidents. I interviewed Mr. Zies on the rules and procedures students need to be following at all times. Whenever entering and exiting the parking deck, students should “follow the arrows” and, “take it slow

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Apex Football’s Week 1-3 Recap

Apex High School’s football team is achieving big things they haven’t done in years. Apex’s Cougars are 3-0 for the first time since 2005. Leading the team are head coach John Moezerka, and our two captains, Jack Welch and Parker Maynard, who have a big local presence in our Apex community. On the offensive side of the ball, Chase Kinglemen

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