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Period Poverty: What Is It and How Can You Help?

An average of 800,000,000 people are menstruating on any given day. Of those 800,000,000, at least 500,000,000 of them lack access to resources to help them manage their periods. These resources include period products, sanitary areas to aid in period management, information about their periods, and support. Also known as Period Insecurity, Period Poverty is a problem facing people who

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The New Secretary of Education and the Effects on Apex High School

Miguel Cardona had his Senate hearing on Wednesday, February 3 on Capitol Hill. Cardona, if he is Senate-approved, is set to become the next Secretary of Education under the Biden-Harris administration.   Miguel Cardona started his teaching career as a fourth grade teacher in Connecticut and then became the youngest principal in the state at only twenty-eight years old. Cardona

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When Will You be Eligible for Your Vaccine? ( It Might be Sooner Than You Think )

With the number of coronavirus cases on a constant rise in North Carolina, many people are anxious to know when they can get their vaccines. As many people return to work, their chances of getting exposed are constantly rising, and their odds don’t look good. Not only do people find themselves worried about their safety but the safety of those

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The Big SAT Change

As we all know, taking the SAT’s is an important part of applying for and getting into colleges. This year, the College Board has made a change that is especially important to know about if you will be a rising Junior or Senior getting ready for college applications. If you don’t know, the SAT is a multiple-choice standardized test that

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Fall Signing Day

On November 20th, 2019, Apex High School showed off some of the best athletes at the school. These athletes were signing to continue their athletic career at the college level. Nine athletes participated in this fall’s signing day. I had the pleasure of asking each of them three questions. Click here to read more!

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