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How all students might return back in person completely.

Many students have already returned to school in person via cohorts. Doing a rotation every week, for every three weeks. With fourth and fifth graders going back March 15th, they are making progress with getting students back into in person learning. They want to allow most high school and middle school students to finish school in person completely. There’s been

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How the Pandemic has affected Athletes with Weston Freiling

This year has been very difficult for everyone, but one specific group of people who have had their world completely altered is student athletes. Countless changes have been made, and precautions have been taken to ensure that they can have somewhat of a normal season. I sat down with student athlete Weston Freiling to talk about how this season has

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How COVID -19 has changed athletics with Mr. Ferguson

What will school athletics look like? Will they be the same? Will they even happen? These are all questions that have been asked by members of our community, especially the athletes. This year has been very unpredictable, and athletics are no exception. I had the privilege to sit down with Apex Athletic Director, Mr. Ferguson, and talk about the changes

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