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By Allison Hurley It is that time of year again, when all the upperclassmen prepare for a night they will never forget…prom! This year’s prom will be special because it is the first “normal” prom since 2019. Prom will be Friday, May 13 from 8 pm to midnight at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel.  The main planner for our prom is

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Ramadan, Easter, and Passover: The Spring Holiday Trifecta

By Hadi Rahim, Rose Andrews, Jessica Hudnut, and Kate Sinodis With spring comes the inevitable flood of pollen, exams, and spring holidays to celebrate. Many of these holidays stem from the various religions represented at Apex High School. While there are too many to cover in just one article, three of the biggest holidays celebrated during this time of year

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Cafeteria Concerns

By: Kylie Radford In recent months, many students have shared their concerns with the cafeteria food at Apex High School.  In terms of health and quality, the Wake County Menu shows the menu policies put in place to promote healthy meals, as well as offering many healthy substitutes such as fat-free milk. It also notes that the county often sources

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What Should You Do Over Spring Break?

Good news, Spring Break is fast approaching. We only have seven school days left until our little vacation. Whether you plan on going to the beach, spending time with friends, or simply staying at home, we are all excited about this well-deserved break. Apex students and staff have worked diligently since August and have not had a break longer than

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