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Thanksgiving Food Review

Thanksgiving is known for its gathering of family, but it is possibly known even more for its food. Family recipes emerge once a year to make an appearance at the Thanksgiving feast. Many foods are common to find on the table, but not all are agreed upon. People have differing opinions as to which foods are good. With that said,

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Nikki’s Senior Sign-Off

While I never had the chance to learn at the original Apex building, I have had the opportunity to mold the new building for the next generation of Cougars. Freshman year, the class of 2021 started learning at the Green Level campus. Although my time there was enjoyable and I certainly made unforgettable memories, it feels good to be home

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Instagram Infographics: The Double-Edged Sword of Digital Activism

If you have been active on Instagram at all in the past year, then you may have seen at least one post like this: serious issues such as police brutality or racism condensed down into bullet points, all pasted onto a pastel background with eye-catching fonts. Sound familiar? These Instagram infographics have been circulating on social media for the past

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Opinion: In an Effort to Prevent Discrimination in North Carolina’s Public Schools, HB 324 Does the Opposite

On May 12th, HB 324 passed the North Carolina House of Representatives 66-48. The bill, titled “Ensuring Dignity & Nondiscrimination/Schools,” is a proposed amendment to Article 8 of Chapter 115C of the General Statutes that would add a section restricting the ability of students and teachers to discuss issues relating to race and gender in the classroom. It takes aim

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Creating My Own Legacy

Looking back through my high school years, I could’ve never predicted what my life would be like senior year. My freshman year, I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life or where I wanted to go to college. If anyone asked about my future plans, I probably would have just given some basic answers. Looking

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Opinion: Senate Bill 514 and the Attack on Transgender Youth

On April 5th, a bill referred to as the “Youth Health Protection Act” was introduced in the North Carolina Senate. The bill proposed legislation that if enacted, would bar doctors from providing gender-affirming care, including puberty blockers, hormone treatment, and surgery to anyone under the age of 21. This bill was the latest in a string of attacks targeted at

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