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Social Media(less)

Although I’m sure Facebook and Instagram started for good reasons, I think social media has been being used for all the wrong reasons lately. It seems like we are always trying to make ourselves the star in our Instagram posts, tweets, snapchats, or Facebook posts, whether that means posting a selfie or spending hours trying to perfect the lightning and

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Larger Class Sizes? No thanks.

     Two years ago I came to attend one of the newest schools in Wake County– Green Level High School. I had the opportunity to see the school before my junior year started when I hosted tours for incoming freshmen. I saw all of our chairs with wheels and these weird weebles-wobbles-looking stools that are apparently for kinesthetic learners.

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Defining Intelligence

Sit for a minute and relax, and then think about what you consider intelligence. Often, it is thought that intelligence pertains to two main areas in schooling. Grade Point Average (GPA) and the SAT/ACT define it all. They define your intelligence, what classes you were good enough for, and even in some cases your worth. I went around asking people

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