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The Percy Jackson Legacy

Look, we didn’t want to fall in love with half-bloods. But the captivating plot and relatable characters of the Percy Jackson books have stolen the hearts of many. With the first book being published in 2005, and almost thirty books across four series released after, the beloved characters have had adventures in which to leave a lasting impression. And they

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Malibu Ken Album Review

Malibu Ken was released in early 2019 but is not well known. Malibu Ken is the collaborative name for hip-hop legend Aesop Rock (not to be confused with A$ap Rocky) and psych-rock producer TOBACCO. Malibu Ken features ten tracks and runs for about half an hour, and every minute of it is a wild ride, especially the rapping from Aesop.

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Alita: Battle Angel Movie Review

Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead Alita: Battle Angel, Number 99, Hunter-Warrior, and lover of chocolate. Alita is the hero of her story and made her big screen debut on February 14, 2019. With a budget of $200 million and the first trailer airing in 2017, fans have been waiting and expected a great deal. Can Alita live up to expectations, or

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What is 88rising and What Are They Doing?

88rising is a multimedia company that is built around the celebration of Asian artists and their culture. The company has artists ranging from Indonesia, China, Japan, and South Korea, with multiple artists being popular in their native countries as well as others. 88rising uses its media and signed artists to connect Asian cultures in an interesting way with otherwise uninterested

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