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Top Albums of the Decade

As the 2010s come to a close and we look back on the evolution of music, the hardest genres have begun to blur and conventions of music have been broken. Many new artists have emerged, and many older artists have resurged. So, during this natural time of reflection, I’d like to revisit some of my favorite albums of the past

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The Case for Public Transportation

  The Case for Guaranteed Federal Public Transit Spending An open letter to North Carolina’s Congressional Representatives:  The American Public Transit system is dwarfed and stunted due to years of  underfunding and unpredictable funding. The U.S lags behind many other developed nations in ridership and access. Consistent, guaranteed government support of nationwide city transit systems would have numerous economic, safety,

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Analysis and Review of Chance the Rapper’s “Acid Rap”

  Chicago native Chance the Rapper has influenced the genres of rap, soul, hip hop, and gospel with his stylistic bridging of genres, and wholly unique take on emotional and meaningful song writing. Hallmarks of Chance’s music include heavily interlaid synth beats, gospel and soul influences, colorful wordplay, dynamic rhythm and flow, and larger than life adlibs. Chance’s humble beginnings

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The Golden Age of Apex Football

The Golden Age of Apex Football High school football carries unique characteristics rarely seen in any other sports or at higher levels of competition. The product of in-and-out of school relationships between students, players, and coaches is tight-knit bonds and a sense of fan responsibility so great, students, parents, and town members will faithfully show out every week under the

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A Conversation With Apex’s Incumbent Mayor Jacques Gilbert

I got the opportunity to sit down with Apex’s Incumbent Mayor, Jacques Gilbert. Jacques has served in the Apex Police Department for twenty-nine years and has built his campaign on fostering solid community relationships. We discussed topics that affect  Apex citizens from all walks of life. Tell me about yourself. There’s so many things I like to do. I just

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