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Fashion has been around for thousands of years. It is not an aspect of life that everyone really cares about, but to others, it is what their entire existence revolves around. From lacy ball gowns to ripped jeans, fashion is constantly changing throughout society. Down below shows a timeline of how different fashion trends have changed over the years: 1000-1300

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Friend group stereotypes seem to be what high school is all about. There are the popular ones, the nerds, jocks, theatre kids, and the loners. The “loners” are the students that have little to no close friends. They are the kids that sit in the back of the class and never have a group to work with when a group

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Self-esteem issues are a growing problem in current high schoolers. Self-esteem is the way that a person feels towards themselves and whether that feeling is good or bad can have a major impact on their life. Learning to love oneself has the potential to be a difficult and/or lengthy process, and along with everything else that students have to deal

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