Drake/The Weeknd AI

By: Emma Riddick

Many of you know about the famous TikTok song “Heart on my sleeve”  by a mysterious TikToker who goes by the name “Ghostwriter”. This song was created using artificial intelligence and was made to sound like the famous rapper, Drake. Fans all around the world blew up this song, but its main audience is from TikTok.  On the other hand, there has been a lot of controversy about this song. 

AI stands for artificial intelligence, which is “machine-displayed intelligence that simulates human behavior or thinking and can be trained to solve specific problems.” This did not just affect Drake though; the singer-songwriter, The Weeknd, was also a voice created by AI in this song. When Drake and The Weeknd discovered the song, the record label “Universal Music Group” pulled the song off YouTube, but it still remains floating around online. 

“Heart on my sleeve” has over hundreds of thousands of streams, and using this AI technology actually hurts artists and their progress. This wasn’t actually the first Artificial Intelligence song. Kanye West and Rianna’s voices have also been AI-generated to cover other songs. 

Overall, the world really enjoyed this song, but it’s safe to say that the power of AI is getting out of hand…

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