The Masters

By: Emma Riddick

The Masters is an annual golf tournament held in Augusta, Georgia. This tournament usually takes place in the first week of April and lasts throughout the whole week. The first Masters tournament was in 1934 and was won by Horton Smith. The Masters tournament has grown over the years ever since 1934 and is still so popular to this day. It is a national tournament where the best golfers from around the world play.  The 2022 Masters tournament ended with Scottie Scheffler shooting 6 over.  By winning this tournament he earned approximately $2.7 million. .  The green jacket is one of the most wanted prizes in all of golf. If you have a green jacket, you’re either a member of one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the world, Augusta National Golf Club, or even better, a Masters champion.

Jon Rahm won the 2023 Masters tournament and overcame Brooks Koepka on the final day to win his first Masters title and his second overall major, the first being the U.S. Open in 2021. During the time of the Masters, we had a lot of rain in our Apex area, but also there was also plenty of rain in Augusta, which caused the timing of the rounds to be pushed back. Sunday, the final day of the tournament, began by completing the third round, and then all remaining players began the fourth and final round in the afternoon. 

The Masters fans really go all out for this tournament. Tickets to the Masters tournament range from $450-$900. Fans will also camp out so that they can get the best views of the golfers playing. Many want to experience the thrill of watching someone win at this beautiful course and earning the ultimate prize, a green jacket. 

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