Apex High Track and Field

The Apex High School track and field team competed at the annual Apex Lions Relays held at Apex High on April 15th. The team, consisting of numerous athletes, displayed a remarkable show of talent and dedication, leaving their competitors trailing in their wake.

One standout member of the team is Maxton Bohm who is currently a junior at Apex. Bohm has been part of the track and field team since freshman year and has played a crucial role in the team’s progress. 

When asked about the team’s performance, Bohm expressed his excitement and happiness about the team’s success. He attributed the team’s progress to a combination of factors, including having a great coach who pushed the team to be their best, a talented group of athletes who were determined to do well, and great team spirit, with everyone supporting each other throughout the season.

Regarding his personal journey in track and field and being part of the team, Bohm talked about their growth and development in the sport. They started out not knowing much about track and field but had a coach who saw potential in them and encouraged them to keep working hard. Over the years, they learned a lot about the sport and improved their skills. Being part of the team taught them the value of hard work, dedication, and teamwork.

Taylor Gilson, a senior at Apex, laments on the end of the four years she has spent doing track and field. She loves the sport and wants to continue running in the future. She also hopes for younger athletes at Apex to enjoy their time on track and field and encourage them to pursue their passion for the sport.

The next track meet is here at Apex on April 20th, and the Wake County championships are April 22nd. Come out and support your fellow Cougars.

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