What Apex Seniors did over Spring Break!

By: Molly Roop

Spring Break for Apex High School took place from March 31st to April 9th. Many students relaxed at home, traveled to new places, visited family, or hung out with their friends. I interviewed some fellow students to find out what they did.

Matt Shelby and Taylor Gilson stayed home over the break and worked. Matt works at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, and Taylor works at Longhorn Steakhouse. Both Matt and Taylor said they decided to stay home, so they could make money to save for college. I think it was very smart of them to use their time off from school to make money to help them prepare for the future. 

Emma Riddick spent her Spring Break in Clearwater, Florida with her family. She spent her days tanning at the beach, swimming in the pool, and spending time with her parents. Jenny Westlake and Julia Denmark also went to the beach. They went to Carolina Beach just for the day and to hang out with some friends. 

Sophia Volpe spent her Spring Break recovering from wisdom teeth surgery. She also went to the lake for a day with Amber Wilson, and she hung out with her boyfriend. Amber went to dance at Cary Dance Productions, hung out with her friends, went shopping at The Fenton, and picked strawberries at DJ’s Berry Patch. 

Overall, I think the students of Apex High had a very fun and exciting Spring break. I know the seniors especially appreciated this time off and were happy to have a break! 

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