Working With Your Best Friend

By: Molly Roop

Both: Hello! We are Molly Roop and Emma Riddick! We are best friends, and we are very excited because we are going to be working together!

Molly: I have been working at the “Painted Tree” boutiques since December of 2022. I love this job so much, and I am very glad I started working there! I am a sales associate and work between fifteen and twenty hours a week. My favorite thing about working is interacting with customers and checking people out at the register.

Emma: I started talking to Molly about working at the Painted Tree because my past job had some complications. She thought it would be such a fun idea to work together, and I knew I wanted a change. 

Molly: One day Emma came in when I was working, and I asked if she wanted to talk to the manager and maybe get an interview. I didn’t know if she would, but I thought I would give it a try.

Emma: Maggie (the manager) sat down with me and asked me some questions. After the interview, she told me that she would love to hire me, and I was so thrilled!

Molly: I was so excited for Emma and that we were going to be working together! I think that we will have a lot of fun because we are basically getting paid to hang out!

Emma: My job is very similar to Molly’s. I am just newer, so Molly is more advanced with things. I think it’s so cool that she gets to teach me things while I’m working. I plan to just work weekends for right now but hopefully get to work more over summer!  

Molly: I am so happy that Emma got this job and that we can spend even more time together!

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