Celebrating National Women’s History Month

March’s association with celebrating women originated from International Women’s Day being declared on March 8th in remembrance of an all-women workers’ strike in Petrograd, Russia marking the beginning of the Russian revolution. In 1980, after petitioning from the National Women’s History Project, President Carter declared the week of March 8th National Women’s History Week. The week gained overwhelming support from state departments across America urging schools to participate and soon classrooms began implementing curriculums centered around achieving equity became widespread. With states starting to declare March as Women’s History Month, Congress followed suit with National Women’s History Month. Now in this  month full of empowering festivities, Apex embodies the inspiring message of highlighting women’s achievements and working towards equity.

Here at Apex, there are multiple clubs focused on women’s empowerment such as Feminist Club, Pink Ribbon Club, and Women in Science. Throughout history, the term “feminist” was seen as a controversial stance with those who rejected the idea arguing feminism encourages hatred and discrimination towards men. Clubs and organizations like Feminist Club work to advocate feminism to be a movement for equity and not a movement for superiority. Junior Vivian Mai states, “[Feminist Club] is a safe space for people because everyone is comfortable there…and feels welcome”.

Today, Women’s History Month is still focused on working toward gender equity and women’s empowerment. Many people celebrate the month by attending marches, listening to speeches, watching movies made by women, volunteering at women’s shelters, and more. One of the best ways to spend Women’s History Month is, objectively, by showing some appreciation for the women in your life.

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