One Thing At A Time Album Review

By: Molly Roop

Morgan Wallen’s new album, One Thing at a Time, was released on March 3rd, 2023, through Big Loud Records. The album features thirty-six new songs including his new singles “You Proof,” “Thought You Should Know,” “Last Night,” and “Don’t Think Jesus,” as well as collaborations with Eric Church, Hardy, and Ernest. In December 2022 Wallen released a sneak peek of the new album titled, “3 songs At A Time Sampler” which included “Last Night, ” “Everything I Love,” and “I Wrote The Book.” 

One Thing At A Time” reflects the unstable journey of his past three years. Personal highs and lows are featured throughout the album, and he experiments with new genres such as rock and hip-hop with the songs “Last Drive Down Main,” and “Ain’t That Some.” 

The album kicks off with the track titled “Born With a Beer In My Hand.” The first part of the album focuses on reflecting on his personal life and relating back to his younger years growing up. Wallen also touches on how people judge him based on the words he sings and wanted to start the album in an authentic way by sharing his early memories. 

The album concludes with “Dying Man,” a powerful country song about stardom. Although Wallen didn’t write it, it fits him to a T. The song is rumored to be about his son and explains how his life has changed and why it is more important to be alive now. 

Thirty-six songs is a lot, but with this album, Wallen tells a story of personal memories and self-growth. One Thing At Time is more lyrically complex and emotionally mature than any of his previous albums. 

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