How the Peak is Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day

By: Sophia Volpe

The origins of Saint Patrick’s Day stem all the way back to Ireland in 1631. First celebrated to commemorate the arrival of Saint Patrick and Christianity in Ireland, the holiday has expanded to be a celebration of Irish culture and heritage. 

In Ireland, the day is observed by citizens dressing up in green and attending the numerous festivals and parades that take place. The biggest parade is being held in Dublin. The holiday tends to be celebrated by more of the younger population, similar to here in America.

While many who live in America have memories of being in elementary school, even middle school, and walking into class the morning of Saint Patrick’s day to “golden” coins lying on the desk, trails of green “leprechaun dusk”, even, in some cases, green toilet water, how have these traditions grown with students as they progressed into high school?

I spoke to some students and staff members around Apex to see what fun things they have planned to celebrate the Irish holiday. Mr. Clark, the agricultural teacher here at Apex, told Legacy, “I plan on wearing green and after school, possibly going to eat at an Irish pub to celebrate.” 

Owen Hellinger (‘23) shared that he also plans on wearing green, but no need to worry, he also shared that he has no plans to pinch people who do not wear green. Molly Roop (‘23) will be sporting her green as well as driving down to the beach to celebrate with friends. Contrary to Owen, Molly told Legacy that she does plan on pinching people who do not wear green, so watch out! 

Lastly, redhead Chase Klingemann (‘24) told Legacy, “I will be hanging out with my ginger friends to celebrate our day of the year.” 

These are just a few of the ways the Apex community is celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day this year. Don’t forget to wear green, search for shamrocks, and maybe even go on a quest for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

What are your plans for Saint Patrick’s Day?

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