Top Trends of 2022

By: Emma Riddick

Every year there are many new trends that are established. As most of these trends came off of Tik Tok, these items have been in such high demand. Tik Tok influencers make money from posting on the social media app videos like skin care routines, “Get ready with me” videos,  and haul videos.  These influencers make videos, and certain items they use/ have caught the viewers attention. The target audience for most of these items is teenage girls but could also be for anyone. 

When food commercials come on TV, they make the food look extremely delicious and that’s what these influencers do. They make trendy items look amazing and something that you need. Some of the trendy items would include: Ugg slippers, flare leggings, Stanley cups, Dyson air wrap, puffer vests, claw clips, Celsius, and corset tops. 

Most of these things can be pretty pricey, but Amazon has off-brand items, also known as a “Dupe” that work just as well. Who wants to pay $120 for a pair of leggings!? Amazon has your back. During the holiday season many companies were selling out of so many items because they were so popular off of Tik Tok. 

There was a trend on Tik Tok this year when people would go around Walmart or Target and find items that resembled name brand products and yell “Dupe!” after the brand it resembles. This trend showed that many other brands were trying to follow the trends as well.  Most trends come and go, but I know that in 2023 there will be many new trends to follow! What trends do you hope become popular?

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