Celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day

 On February 1, 2023, women’s sports teams across America celebrated National Girls and Women in Sports Day. Established in 1987, the holiday served as a remembrance for Olympic volleyball player, Flo Hyman, and a recognition of her dedication to promoting equality for women in sports. Nowadays, February 1 serves the same purpose but now with a much more dire need.

The most threatening issue women’s athletics face these days is social stigma. From discrimination on the basis of sexual identity to sexism itself, girls who play sports are often labeled by stereotypes as un-feminine and inferior to their male teammates.  One junior female student states, “I played [volleyball] for ten to fourteen years; most of my coaches were pretty abusive, verbally. I was told I would never be good enough.” Studies found that one in three girls drop out of athletics by their late teens. For many students, a supportive and inclusive athletic environment is desperately wanted. Allison Hurley, a junior, explains the benefits of a healthy athletic system: “I enjoy… being with my friends, and it’s really impacted me because I made some of my best friends from the teams, and I’ve also been influenced very positively by my coaches and their leadership.”

The benefits of women staying in sports run further than just defying sexist stereotypes. Girls who participate in sports have lower drop-out rates, fewer chronic illnesses, and lower rates of depression. Women’s involvement in athletics extends into their careers as well, earning 7% higher wages and a reported 92% increased interest in STEM careers. 

With the spring quickly approaching, Apex’s soccer, softball, lacrosse, and track & field teams are gearing up for their spring season. And whether you are celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports day by writing an appreciation letter to your favorite female athletes or checking out some organizations dedicated to supporting women in sports are Play Like a Girl, Women’s Sports Foundation, or Sports for Generation Equality Principals, make sure to show support for Apex’s girls’ teams as well. 

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