2023 Concerts

As 2023 begins multiple music artists have released new albums and announced new tours. Some of these artists include Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter, Louis Tomlinson, Shania Twain, Suki Waterhouse, and many more. This article will include a few concerts coming up in the Triangle and some a little farther away.

As many people know Taylor Swift released her new album Midnights . She  soon after announced her new tour, which she has named “The Eras Tour”. Tickets were extremely hard to get, and only the people who had a presale code or had a Capital One card were able to possibly get tickets (although many didn’t). Unfortunately she isn’t coming to North Carolina, and the closest place she’s coming to is Atlanta, Georgia. However, many people are still attending from North Carolina. There are many different openers for each of her shows, and each show has two people opening. Tickets range from about $100-$700. While being expensive, this could be a very fun concert to experience. 

Another popular artist that has a tour coming up in Shania Twain. She has a show in PNC Arena on October 18th, 2023. She recently announced her opener, Lily Rose, who will play before the concert. She had a Verified Fan sale as well as a public sale. Tickets are still on sale and are ranging from about $100-$1100. While also expensive, Shania Twain has been an icon for decades, and if you are a fan, it could be a fun concert to go to.

Hootie and the Blowfish are going on tour, too. They are playing a show at PNC Arena on February 17th, 2023. The artist SUSTO is opening for them at PNC. They have tickets on sale now, and they range from about $50- $450. This could be a cool concert to attend if you are a fan of their music. 

Another artist worth mentioning is Louis Tomlinson. He recently released his new album Faith in the Future and shortly after, announced the tour. He is coming to Red Hat Amphitheater on July 21, 2023. He has not yet announced his opener or if he will even have one. Tickets are on sale to the public and range from about $30-$150. This is a pretty reasonable price for tickets and could be classified as inexpensive. This could be a fun experience for many ages of people if you like his music. 

Some other artists to be mentioned going on tour in 2023 are Sabrina Carpenter, Brandi Carlile, Billy Strings, Greta Van Fleet, Lizzo, and many others. Concerts can be a fun experience for many people and are a bucket list favorite. Be sure to check out one of these shows!

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