Spotify: Unwrapped

Every year, Spotify users around the globe anxiously anticipate its biggest feature to drop. Spotify Wrapped is their biggest marketing ploy as many users share their statistics all over social media and entice non-users to join. The Wrapped shows users their listening habits throughout the year, showing them their top artists, songs, genres, and how much they listened. With some, they even compare your statistics on a global scale. This year, Spotify released the wrapped on November 30th. 

As well as personal statistics, the music streaming service also has publicized top national and international artists and songs as well. Globally, the top artist of 2022 was Bad Bunny with over 1.5 billion streams. The top song of the year was “As It Was” by Harry Styles with 1.6 billion streams alone. Their data allows for people to look back on a lot of the trends worldwide and remember what songs were popular, even months ago.

Spotify is not the only service to offer a yearly music review. While it was a pioneer in the genre, creating the “wrapped” entirely, other major streaming services like Apple Music, Amazon Music, and even Youtube provide somewhat similar yearly recaps to compete with Spotify. It was originally started as a marketing scheme, in order to encourage listeners to use their service to join in the exclusive fun of seeing your year of music in review, but since it has spread to other services in recent years, the individuality has since diminished, and more people can revel in the knowledge of their listening habits. 

Since its creation, Spotify Wrapped has become a pop-culture staple with listeners worldwide anticipating it and tuning their habits to reflect what they want to appear on their wrap up. Whether you take it lightly or listen with precision, it’s bound to pop up whether in person or on social media. 

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