ECS’s Production of Polar Express

By: Briana Taylor

This past Friday, December 9th, the ECS students, along with the help of our student leadership class, put on a production of The Polar Express in the auditorium. It was held during the 3rd period, in between the first and second lunch. The play consisted of three  acts with music sung by Ms. Copley’s Advanced Choir in between acts. The choir stood in front of the stage while they sang various songs from the Polar Express soundtrack, including: “Believe,” “Hot Chocolate,” and “Spirit of the Season.” The production lasted for forty-five minutes and took the audience through the magical story of the holidays, family, and the true meaning of Christmas. 

The play started with a beautiful production of “Carol of the Bells” by Jackson Morris on the piano. As the curtains opened to reveal a nostalgic scene of a bedroom decorated for Christmas, narrators Abigail Urbina and Aeron Ely-Estrada painted us a beautiful picture of a family enjoying the holidays. Boy, played by Richard Ton, goes to bed but is woken up by the sound of a train, handmade and painted by the National Art Honors Society, approaching the house. On the train, Boy meets other characters including Billy, played by John Moorefield, Girl, played by Nadzia “GG” Velasquez, and Oliver, played by Alan Abraham. Abigail Urbina then comes out on stage to sing “When Christmas Comes to Town.” With her confidence and beautiful voice, she showcased the magic that is associated with this song. As the train arrives at the North Pole, the passengers get a warm welcome from the Elves who introduce Stana, played by Dante Morgan. He entered the stage bringing cheers and applause from the kids and audience. Santa gives Boy a bell, which can only be heard if you believe in your heart that Santa is real. The play concludes with Boy returning home to his family and opening presents on Christmas morning. His parents, played by Sadie Boyer and Jackson Morris, are unable to hear the bell, unlike Boy and his sister, Sarah, played by Emily Goodwin, as they both have faith and believe. 

Many people are to thank for this incredible production, which would not have been made possible without the help of our incredible staff and students. The Student Leadership class did an outstanding job helping the ECS students with their lines, holding props, and knowing where to stand on stage. The National Art Honors Society worked hard during their own time to help make props like the train, Christmas tree, and other various backdrops. There was a special thanks to “All staff who have loved and shared their support for our ECS family, NAHS, Ms. Sudkamp, Mr. Bunch, and Ms. Copley for always being on board with our undertakings” The ECS students have worked endlessly in the aux gym, since September, to present a put together production. With beautiful music, eye-catching props, and inspiring acting, this play did an amazing job bringing the holiday spirit and warming our hearts. 

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