Apex Swim and Dive

The Apex Swim and Dive season has just begun. The first swim meet was on 22nd of November. Even though Apex did not win the meet, the team had a blast cheering each other on while we were competing. Mason Smith, a captain of the team, had tons to say about the meet.

“I was overall just super pumped that people were cheering for each other when they weren’t swimming. I believe it greatly improves how we do as a team because I think it is one of the main qualities about this team. Just like the yellow cape Max (Ayers, captain of the swim team) passed onto you. I think we rally around the cape, and it encourages us to support each other as teammates than we normally wouldn’t do.”

The yellow Apex cape is an important tradition to the team because it is passed onto a rising junior every year to the person who displays the most team spirit at competitions.

Flynn Sonntag, a freshman at Apex, was impressed with the traditional activities we do as a team every meet.

“The pasta parties before every meet are a total blast. It was a fun way to get to know teammates and enjoy pasta. It was also a lot of fun playing ping pong.”

Apex will have their first dive competition on Thursday, December first. We will also have our second swim meet of the season in Smithfield on Friday, December 2, to compete against Heritage, Willow Spring, and Corinth Holder. 

Come on out and support your fellow Cougars!

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