What Is The Best Thanksgiving Dish?

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated all across the United States. Families from everywhere in the country get together in one place and celebrate with food and games. There are a number of dishes that are commonly served on Thanksgiving. Green bean casserole, turkey and ham, potatoes, mac and cheese, corn, pies, and stuffing are just some of the traditional dishes eaten at Thanksgiving. 

Everyone has different opinions about what dishes they enjoy the most. So, which dish is the best? A poll given to ten students has decided the results. Students choose between turkey, green bean casserole, bread rolls, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, corn, scalloped potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, cornbread, stuffing, fruit salad, ham, and pies. Out of the ten responses, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese tied with three votes each. 

30% of the polled students said that they preferred mashed potatoes to the rest of the options given. Explanations that students provided included that it is delicious and is a meal that you can’t make wrong. The gravy that is generally served with mashed potatoes are also an enjoyable part of the dish. Mashed potatoes can also be paired with nearly any other dish due to its mild taste. 

But what about the other 30%? The students that voted for mac and cheese did not have as strong opinions as the mashed potatoes group. A couple of the reasons that they listed for preferring mac and cheese to the other dishes were that they enjoyed the creamy taste and texture. 

The rest of the 40% were split up in three groups. Two people voted for stuffing, one person voted for turkey, and the last person voted for pie. Those who preferred stuffing said that they enjoyed its fluffy texture and its savory flavor. The person who voted for turkey provided their reasoning, which was that they really enjoy eating meat, but did not like ham, which was the only other meat option provided. The last person said that pie was their favorite Thanksgiving dish, specifically sweet potato pie. They explained that the sweetness of the potato and cinnamon paired perfectly with the texture and flavor of the crust, which they found very delicious.

While these options are not the only things that people eat for Thanksgiving, they are the most commonly served dishes. Whatever your favorite Thanksgiving dish is, remember to have a safe and a happy Thanksgiving, and if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, have a fun Thanksgiving break!

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