Apex Students’ Thanksgiving Plans 

With the end of November approaching, people all over America are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. This week, Apex High School students will be getting three days off from school for Thanksgiving break, with a total of five days off due to the weekend. There are a variety of different things students can do to enjoy their time off, whether traveling to visit others or staying home for Thanksgiving. These include spending time with family, taking rest and eating festive foods. Some may choose to study for upcoming exams while others may decide to take a break from schoolwork. I asked Apex students about their exciting Thanksgiving plans this year. 

Simran Bali, a junior, has a very exciting vacation planned. She is “going on a cruise to the Caribbean with [her] family for 8 days! [She is] excited to explore and relax from school this break.”

Junior Anika Sanghi plans to study in order to prepare for her future. “Over Thanksgiving break, I am going to study for the SAT on December 3rd because it is important and I need it for college.” 

Senior Julia Coley is going to enjoy a nice relaxing Thanksgiving break at home with her family. “Over Thanksgiving, I am going to be spending time with my friends and family and spending time with my pets.” 

Sundari Chandrashekaran will be spending Thanksgiving with the people who matter most. “Over Thanksgiving I am going to be spending time with my family and eating lots of delicious food!” 

As for me, I will be spending Thanksgiving break at home with my family. I plan to do any homework I have left to complete, watch Hallmark Christmas movies, and spend time with my sister. I have always enjoyed Thanksgiving because it provides an opportunity to think about what I am thankful for and enjoy a much-needed break from school.

As you can see, Thanksgiving break is a time many people use to spend quality time with their family, which really is the spirit of the holiday. No matter what you are doing to celebrate Thanksgiving, the Legacy staff wishes you a wonderful and relaxing break! 

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