Club Spotlight: Calligraphy Club

There are a wide variety of clubs and societies here at Apex High, from Future Farmers of America to Sociedad de Latino-Americanos. There are even clubs for specific interests like reading, cosplay, and politics. One such club is Calligraphy Club, a club devoted to calligraphy and bullet journaling. It was created at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year by then-sophomores Shreya Senthilkumar and Sundari Chandrashekaran. 

Co-President Shreya Senthilkumar got the idea for the club after finding out that Enloe High School had a Calligraphy Club. As a joke, she told her friends that they should have one at Apex High. They encouraged her to go for it and actually start a Calligraphy Club. Her friend, Sundari Chandrashekaran, was also interested in starting the club after Shreya suggested it since they both had skills in calligraphy. As Sundari stated, “We each had a shared passion for calligraphy and bullet journaling, so we decided to take that and start a club together…”

Calligraphy is a combination of writing and art. It involves an elegant style of writing, with thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes. Calligraphy Club hosts workshops for members to practice and hone their calligraphy skills. They also offer volunteer opportunities for Key Club and National Honor Society, such as creating Valentine’s Day cards for the elderly and writing letters to people in need of support. 

This school year, the club added a new position to its executive board: Social Media Manager, filled by junior Shravi Gokaraju. When asked her favorite part about being in Calligraphy Club, Shravi stated: 

“My favorite thing as a member would probably be learning how to write calligraphy but also spending time with my friends. I think that it’s a really fun and relaxing club that lets you use your creativity.” 

Another member, junior Simran Bali, explained the specific activities she enjoys doing with the club. “My favorite activity this year has been creating the personalized love letters for people in need as it was a great way to help and reach out to others in the world experiencing hardships.”

Sundari’s favorite activity she has organized with the club was a service project they did last year: writing letters for students and staff at Oxford High School after the mass shooting that occurred there. 

She explained that “although they are not a local community, we still wanted to give back to them in that hard time they were facing…we were really able to make an impact on another school.” 

This November, Calligraphy Club will be hosting a new, major service project. They will be partnering with Brown Bag Ministry, an organization that sends out food to people in need in brown bags on the weekends. The club will be creating little cards with positive messages to put in the brown bags distributed the week of Thanksgiving, with the goal of creating 1,200 cards. 

Sundari explained the reasoning behind starting this new project: “We partnered with Brown Bag Ministry because we wanted to be able to give back to the community, which we’ve been doing a lot more now that we’re back in school, because with online school we weren’t able to do as many volunteer opportunities…” 

Since this is such a large project, the club will be hosting multiple days to create cards. They will be in the media center on November 15, 16, and 17 during first and second lunch. They will also be hosting a regular club meeting on Friday, Nov. 18 in room 4207 for this project. This is a great volunteer opportunity for those looking to complete some service hours. Making four cards will get you one volunteer hour, with a maximum of two hours possible. 

If you want to get involved with Calligraphy Club and their wonderful activities, attend their meetings every other Friday from 2:30 to 3:15, in Room 4207. Join their Remind, @ahscall, to get specifics on meeting dates and stay in touch with the club. The club does not have any official membership process, meaning anyone can join at any time of the year. Calligraphy Club would love it if you gave them a chance and came out to participate in their service project or stuck around as a club member.

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