Fall Book Recommendations!

With all of the teacher workdays and holidays in November, many of us will finally have time to rest. One great way to destress during these breaks is to relax with a good book (or two!). However, it can be hard to choose a book that fits the aesthetic of fall. Luckily, our Apex High librarians have the perfect book recommendations to get you in the fall spirit.

Ms. Yale, our new Media Specialist, recommends Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell, a graphic novel romance adventure that embraces pumpkins and other fall staples. The story follows high school seniors Deja and Josiah as they enjoy their last days working on the pumpkin patch. Along the way, they explore many fun activities and try tasty treats to make the most of their time together.

“Set on Halloween, their adventures through their last day of work together are a treat to read,” Ms. Yale stated. “Faith Erin Hicks’ illustrations are vibrant in fall colors and engage the reader in the story. Come check it out at the library and tell me what you think!”

Ms. Munger also had many recommendations although her take on fall differed slightly from Ms. Yale.

“When I think of fall, I think of the fresh start of another school year,” she explained. “I have three recommendations that are completely different stories but follow the main character through a year of change and growth.”

Her first recommendation was Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley, which follows Danis Fontaine, a biracial, Native American teen.

“Instead of going away to college, Daunis has to stay home to care for a family member but ends up witnessing a murder and going undercover to help solve the crime,” Ms. Munger stated. 

Her second recommendation was With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo, which is a realistic fiction story with hints of romance. The story follows Emoni Santiago, a high school senior who has to balance raising her child and pursuing her passion for cooking.

Ms. Munger’s last recommendation was American Panda by Gloria Chao, which is another realistic fiction novel that follows Mei, a seventeen-year-old college freshman.

“Mei is at MIT but questioning her major, her family connections, and who to date,” Ms. Munger explained. Similar to With the Fire on High, Mei learns to find a balance between the ideals of her Taiwanese family and her American upbringing.

If any of these books interest you, be sure to check them out at the library or check out a digital copy through this link. We hope you fall in love with a new book this month!

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