Are You Too Old To Trick-Or-Treat?

One of the most exciting things about Halloween is trick-or-treating. It is a tradition that many have done since they were a young child. But as some people get older, they tend to stop trick-or-treating and instead stick to passing out candy on Halloween. Is there an age limit to trick-or-treating, or is this Halloween activity for people of all ages? 

Across the United States, there are some states that have taken this puzzling question into their own hands, creating age limits and rules for trick-or-treating. For example, some parts of Virginia have rules prohibiting anyone thirteen years or older from trick-or-treating. With punishments as harsh as going to jail for six months. Students at Apex High School have their own opinions about what age is appropriate to stop trick-or-treating or if there should be an age limit at all. 

A common consensus among students is that trick-or-treating over the age of sixteen should not be allowed. Students stated their reasoning for this being that it is weird and tends to get creepy if someone over the age of sixteen is out trick-or-treating. The oldest age given was twenty-one, with one student stating that by that age, one could just buy their own candy. One student believes that while sixteen should be the age limit, if a person older than sixteen is going trick-or-treating with a younger sibling, it is okay. 

According to a poll taken by twenty-one students, over 66.7% of students think that there should not be an age limit to trick-or-treating. Students said that since Halloween is a holiday, there should not be an age limit to participate in it.  Some people might miss out on trick-or-treating as a young child, and it can still be fun for older people that partake in it. As long as someone is not being creepy or weird, Apex High School students mostly believe that there should not be an age limit.

As of right now, there is no age limit to trick-or-treating in North Carolina. There was a previous age restriction in 2021, prohibiting children over the age of twelve from trick-or-treating before 8:30 p.m., but that has since been repealed. Cities tend to have age limits for trick-or-treating to protect the safety of neighborhood children out at night. Trick-or-treating restrictions are also generally put in place to prevent younger children from having a fun night spoiled by rowdy teenagers. Whether you are going trick-or-treating this year or not, remember to always stay safe and have fun!

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