Please to Powderpuff

People at Apex High are hoping to have Powderpuff again. It has been several years since Apex has done one, and the student body wants it back. It’s a big event at many schools, and a lot of them donate the money made to charity or to help the school. 

For those of you who don’t know what Powderpuff is, it’s an event typically held during football season, and it’s where the cheerleaders or just the girls at the school in general play games of flag football while the guys cheer from the sidelines. It’s typically held by grade level, and teachers come to coach. The teams are set up in groups of nine people on the field at a time; people can be subbed in and out after any play in the game. There are two halves each with twenty minutes; half time is usually around eight  minutes, and both teams get one timeout per half. 

Most of the students at Apex High want to bring back Powderpuff as well as some of the teachers. I talked to some students, and here were their answers.

 “I think we should have Powderpuff because it’s a good way for the school to make money, and it would be cool to see the girls play football.” -Ameer Muhsen  

“I think it would be fun to have it, and it would give girls the chance to play a sport they aren’t usually allowed to play at school.”- Cade Earl

“We should definitely have it because it would bring the school community together and would be fun to watch.”- Andrew Brostrom 

“I want to have it because I think it would be a fun opportunity for the girls to play football and have a chance to be able to prove themselves and their skills.”- Morgan Jackson 

“I think we should do it because it would be a fun experience for everyone and would get people excited for something new.”- Ella Saunders 

“I totally think we should have it; I would play! My mom did it at her high school, and it would be a fun memory to make with your friends.”- Presley Moyer 

“I think we should bring Powderpuff back because all the other schools do it, and it’s a fun tradition and would be a great memory to make.”- Jenny Westlake 

These are just some of the students’ responses; there were so many other students I talked to who also wanted Powderpuff to happen. I talked to Mrs. Lord as well.

“I think we should have it. I think it’s a fun thing a lot of schools do. I believe each grade level should have one and have some female coaches; I would totally coach a team.”- Mrs. Lord 

Now not only do the students want it but some of the teachers as well. This would be a great way to engage students and get them more involved as well as bring more money into the school. Apex hasn’t had Powderpuff in several years; let’s bring it back!

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