Wake Tech Registration is Here! 

Fall is here, winter is coming, spring is around the corner and Wake Tech registration for tuition-free dual enrollment courses is open for all 10th and 11th graders in Wake County. 

Wake Technical Community College is the largest community college in North Carolina and has multiple locations spread out within Wake County. Wake Tech allows students to complete high school while earning college credits that can be applied toward an associate degree, diploma, or transferred to university or state colleges. Students are highly encouraged to enroll in Wake Tech classes not only to boost their GPA and give them college credit but also to build a sense of independence and confidence for their future. 

Wake Tech gives students the opportunity to do in-person and virtual classes which means if a student doesn’t have reliable transportation, they can stay at school to complete online courses. It also gives students the ability to attend classes at an actual campus for no cost. An alumni of dual enrollment says, “It is so much more relaxed to be able to go home and get on a virtual class for school, and just knowing that I am earning college credits for free is so nice.” Another student who is planning to take Wake Tech classes Spring semester explains, “I think Wake Tech is so cool it is, like, a personalized school experience. You can choose your career path and take classes that will support you, you can choose your professors and you can go onto campus or do virtual classes.” Wake Tech is a great option for anyone looking for independence and enhancement in their education. It also allows time for a job and a social life.

So how do you get enrolled? By going to waketech.edu and clicking on “Admissions” you will see a button to “Apply to Wake Tech,” click on it. After clicking, you should be led to an enrollment page, scroll down until you see “High School students (dual enrollment),” click on “Apply Now.” Then you are all ready to start your application and begin your college career!

To learn more about Wake Technical Community College, go to waketech.edu., and for important deadlines not to miss, visit: https://www.waketech.edu/career-and-college-promise/dates-deadlines.

We wish you the best!

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