Homecoming: A Night Under the Stars

By: Briana Taylor

Apex High School is holding a homecoming dance for freshmen through seniors for the first time in three years. Annually, homecoming provides a chance for students to socialize and for the girls to show the newest trends in clothing. Although the boys are less excited about dressing up, they do look forward to going to the homecoming dance with the prettiest girl on their arm.  Homecoming is special for students because it gives them a chance to unwind, have fun with their friends, and relax without worrying about other drama that is going on in the school.

In order to ensure a good, organized time, it requires a lot of work. Luckily, Apex High has great people who are willing to volunteer their time and effort into the dance. Cougar Club and Student Council, alongside Mrs. Nobles and Mr. Ferguson, have used the past few weeks to make sure that the dance is truly a “night to remember.” The Student Council has the job of advertising, choosing the theme, and decorations. Cougar Club’s duty is to choose the DJ, volunteers, and concessions, which will be available in the gym lobby throughout the night.

So what should students expect going into the dance? The theme is “Night Under the Star,s” and as fitting, the dance will be held outside in the courtyard, granted the weather allows. Students should look forward to having a great time with high spirits from, hopefully, coming off of a win from our Varsity Football team the night before. Throughout the night, there will be more than just dancing to your favorite song on the schedule. There will be yard games, such as corn hole and Jenga jinga, as well as fun interactive elements and a photo booth, set up by our Student Council and Cougar Club. If it happens to rain that night, the dance will be held in the main gym, but either way, the gym lobby and the restrooms will be open for students all throughout the night.

The dance is from 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm on Saturday, October 15th. To buy tickets, visit https://gofan.co/app/events/721177?schoolId=NC81. Upon the purchase of your ticket is a free drink and snack from the concession stand. We look forward to having a great night.

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